Press Kit

Welcome to cover the most beautiful winter rally event in the world! We wish you have a fun, safe and creative arctic adventure.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Press Officer Timo Korkalainen, preferably via WhatsApp or email.

Table of Contents


Public Relations Officer

Timo Korkalainen
+358 40 502 4 205

Finnish Rally Championship Press Officer

Patrick Rupponen
+358 40 683 7983

WhatsApp group for media:

We will use the WhatsApp group to inform you of important changes and events in running the rally, that might or will impact your work at the stages.

Material for editorial use

Media Centre

  • Wed 12 January, 14:00 – 20:00
  • Thu 13 January, 11:00 – 20:00
  • Fri 14 January, 08:00 – 22:00
  • Sat 15 January, 08:00 – 21:00

The Media is located in Scandic Pohjanhovi next to the Rally Office.

Accreditation & Photo Tabards

The Rally Office serves for Media Accreditation according to its open hours:

  • Wed 12 January, 13:00 – 20:00
  • Thu 13 January, 08:00 – 20:00
  • Fri 14 January, 08:00 – 24:00

Event media tabards are available for collection at the Rally Office on Thursday 13 January at 08:00. The photo tabards must be returned to the Media Centre before it closes on Saturday 15 January. If you can’t make it in time, please contact Press Officer Timo Korkalainen.

Pictured below is the only official and correct media tabard for the event. Uses of any other tabards or vests for “media use / access” must be photographed and reported to the Press Officer.

The official AKK media tabard.


Friday, 14 January 2022

  • 11:00 Ceremonial start, Lordi Square
  • 11:43 SS 1 Aittajärvi / M-Rautio Oy – 22,69 km (Road closed 9.30 – 17.00)
  • 12:46 SS 2 Mäntyvaara 1 / Lapin Kansa – 3,50 km (Road closed 11.00 – 24.00)
  • 15:49 SS 3 Kaihuavaara / Lapin Safarit – 27,93 km (Road closed 13.30 – 22.00)
  • 17:22 SS 4 Siikakämä / Hanaa – 30,02 km (Road closed 14.1.2022 15.00 – 23.00)
  • 19:05 SS 5 Mäntyvaara 2 / Secto Automotive – 3,50 km (Road closed 11.00 – 24.00)

Saturday, 15 January 2022

  • 09:53 SS 6 Ahmavaara / Europcar – 44,56 km (Road closed 07.00 – 15.00)
  • 11:46 SS 7 Ounasvaara / Viiden Tähden Koti – 1,65 km (Road closed 9.30 – 17.00)
  • 14:59 SS 8 Heinunkierto – 24,96 km (Road closed 12.00 – 21.00)
  • 16:22 SS 9 Sarriojärvi – 32,48 km (Road closed 13.30 – 22.00)
  • 17:55 SS 10 Ristilampi / Pohjanhovi – 31,51 km (Road closed 15.00 – 23.00)
  • 20:10 Podium Ceremonies

Special Stage Kilometres

  • Friday: 87,64 km
  • Saturday: 135,16 km
  • Total: 222,80 km
  • Route in total: 799,67 km

Route map & Photo Points

The map below includes the recommended Photo Points and roads to access them. Descriptions for the Photo Points will be updated shortly.

Click here to open the map in Google Maps mobile app for navigating between points.

Previously used Special Stages

  • SD same as 2021
  • SS 1 same as 2020
  • SS 2/5 mostly same as 2020
  • SS 3 same as 2021
  • SS 4 uses parts from previous years
  • SS 6 new, parts have been used a long time ago
  • SS 7 new, never used before
  • SS 8 same as 2021
  • SS 9 same as 2021
  • SS 10 same as 2021

Access to Special Stages

Media follows the official road closing times, which vary depending on the stage. Driving on the special stage roads is thus prohibited after the road has been closed.

If you are doing recce during the rally week, please pay close attention to recce times allowed for competitors and be extremely cautious on the narrow roads. See the Official Noticeboard for competitors’ material on their recce.

All stage starts and many ends are mostly very tightly snowploughed, so please do not attempt to access them unless you can find a parking place on other nearby road. Please do note that any parking on the large main roads is forbidden and can be fined for by the police.

Many of the access roads you might see on a map are completely or at least dangerously blocked by snow, even not that we do not have that much of it. Snowfall can also change the situation quickly, so a road that was open a few days ago might be blocked when you return to it. The map provided here for your use is guidance in nature and last minute weather may effect availability of access roads.

Access to SS 8 Photo Point A

Please note you can access the SS 8 Photo Point A via SS 10 Ristilampi. SS 10 road is closed at 15:00, so be there well in advance if you with to reach SS8 Photo Point A. From there you can also access SS 10 Photo Point C or leave the stage after the stage has completed and the marshals allow you to do so.


The 0-000 cars start the stages from 5 to 20 minutes before the competitor. Please be at your chosen spot well in time to avoid surprising and dangerous situations.

Please remember it will be extremely difficult and dangerous to walk on the stages while the special stage is running. The cars start the stage with 1 minute intervals and even if we have only little snow this year, beneath the snow are deep ditches preventing easy exit from the road.

Please be adhere to caution while driving on road sections. Especially watch out for reindeer. There are tens of thousands of reindeer in the surrounding regions that wander around freely. Reindeer are the outworldly and sacred creature of the North. They are tamed animals accustomed to humans, yet can be dangerous if approached. Always remember that reindeer will not make for you, you make way for them. If you hit a reindeer with car, always call the local emergency number 112 and strictly follow the instructions you receive.

Events for media

Shakedown stage
On Thursday, January 14, 2021, from 13:00 to 20:00, the shakedown at Vennivaara is optional for all competitors and is included in the entry fee. The shakedown is located in Vennivaara about 5 km from the service park. The shakedown is 6.50 km long.

See more information in the Rally Guide for competitors.

Pre-rally press conference
Friday January 14, 10:00
Mäntyvaara, the indoor grandstands

Interviews before the podium
Media is given a moment to interview competitors at the last Regroup at Shell Napapiiri.

Prize giving ceremony
Saturday January 15, 20:00
Lordi Square, Mäntyvaara