• Prepare according to the weather! The temperature might drop below – 30 C degrees and there can be a meter of snow in the forest. Remember to put on warm clothes and take some spare ones with you! Take some warm drinks and some snacks with you.
  • Park your vehicle so that rescue vehicles and personnel can access the special stage without hinderance.
  • It is not safe to move around after the safety cars have passed. Using the special stage road by any other means than by foot is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN after the road has been closed.
  • Accessing or trespassing any private property or areas is forbidden. Remember to collect all your belongings when leaving, including any trash and material that does not belong in the nature!
  • Motorsport and alcohol do not go well together.
  • Obey any instructions the marshals give you
  • Please leave all the marks and signs where they belong
  • There are pauses in the competition and also faster and slower cars on the road. This means that all the competitors don’t start the SS in one minute gap to another. It might seem that there is quiet even though the SS is still going. We ask you all to follow officials instruction, keep away from the road and in a safe place through whole the special stage!