57th Arctic Lapland Rally

The 57th Arctic Lapland Rally in 2022 will be competed on Friday and Saturday the 14-15th of January. The competitors start their arctic adventure on the over 220 kilometres of special stages already on Monday the 10th of January when the reconnaissance period begins.

The rally route sees changes for 2022 as over 23% and over 50 special stage kilometres are new to all the drivers. For spectators the biggest change is the new special stage right in the heart of Rovaniemi at the Ounasvaara ski center. Naturally the route also includes beloved stages, such as the familiar final stage of Ristilampi at the remote Finnish Defence Forces training grounds.

The opening stage on Friday has stayed the same as before as Aittajärvi kicks off the event. The stage became world famous by being the Power Stage of WRC Arctic Rally Finland in 2021. Next up is the first pass of the traditional spectator stage at Mäntyvaara followed by the mid-day service break. The evening loop then takes place in the Vanttauskoski region where the stages of Kaihuavaara and Siikakämä are driven in the dark. Finally the day is concluded with the second pass of Mäntyvaara.

The second and final day of the event starts with the all new special stage of Ahmavaara. Over 40 kilometres of new scenery for all the drivers right after the overnight break is set to provide excitement and opportunities to make or break surprising results. Again right before the mid-day service it is time for a spectator stage, but this time it is the all new stage downhill the ski slopes of Ounasvaara. After the all new morning it is however time for perhaps the most legendary kilometres of the event, when the competitors head to the remote training grounds of the Finnish Defence Forces near Kemijärvi. There the three final stages of Heinunkierto, Sarriojärvi and Ristilampi await the drivers before the podium celebrations back at Rovaniemi.

57th Arctic Lapland Rally schedule

Friday 14 January 2022

  • 11:00 Ceremonial Start
  • 11:43 SS 1 Aittajärvi – 23,55 km
  • 12:56 SS 2 Mäntyvaara 1 – 3,50 km
  • 15:59 SS 3 Kaihuavaara – 27,93 km
  • 17:32 SS 4 Siikakämä – 30,00 km
  • 19:05 SS 5 Mäntyvaara 2 – 3,50 km

Saturday 15 January 2022

  • 09:43 SS 6 Ahmavaara – 44,61 km
  • 11:26 SS 7 Ounasvaara – 1,65 km
  • 14:39 SS 8 Heinunkierto – 24,95 km
  • 16:02 SS 9 Sarriojärvi – 32,50 km
  • 17:35 SS 10 Ristilampi – 31,51 km
  • 19:50 Podium

Special Stage Kilometres

  • Friday: 88,48 km
  • Saturday: 135,22 km
  • Total: 223,70 km
  • The whole route in total: 799,99 km

Entries for competitors open on 1 December 2021 and close on 3 January 2022.