COVID-19 Info

Dear rally folk! As you all know, we are under an unprecedented situation this year and need all your support and understanding to secure a safe and successful rally at the Arctic for everyone.

Safety has always been our highest priority and very much remains so in these unpredictable times. To remain true to that priority, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to ask our beloved and enthusiastic spectators to remain from accessing the stages and instead follow the rally unfolding via our digital channels. Thus all access roads leading to the special stages will be closed off starting from the main roads and also parking at the main roads will be prohibited. Additionally most of the access roads will not even be cleared of snow, effectively sealing off the stages from any access.

We will also cancel all the three spectator stages planned for the event: the two rounds at Mäntyvaara on Friday and the Ounasvaara on Saturday. Neither will any events for the general public take place in the city centre of Rovaniemi as has been the tradition for years: the rally start and podium ceremonies are not accessible to the public and will take place at the Mäntyvaara service area.

From the competitors point of view, however, no large changes will take place: the cancelled spectator stages shorten the route by only a few kilometres each.
All personnel in the event, including all staff, competitors and media, must follow our strict COVID-19 guidelines. We will provide target group focused instructions as soon as possible, but the primary principles are as follows:

  • All persons taking part in the event in any capacity must take COVID-19 test when entering Rovaniemi. The quick test will cost around 100€/person and the results will be available within three hours. The organiser will cover the cost for our own staff, but competitors and media must cover their own costs.
  • Any person arriving from abroad must have taken a test with a negative result before leaving their country of origin and no longer than 72h before travelling.
  • As of the current plan, at the maximum 5 additional persons are allowed to enter the service park for each pair of competitors (driver & co-driver), who all must have taken all the related COVID-19 tests.

We kindly ask you to also refrain from leisure time activities and evening social events even outside the event during your stay at Rovaniemi.

More detailed information will be provided to each target group as soon as possible. Competitors can expect this as part of the Rally Guide.

We hope you respect and follow all our and the local health officials’ guidelines and regulations throughout the whole duration of the event. By doing so, we all again enjoy a safe Arctic Lapland Rally now already for the 56th time!

Photo: Sara Oinas