safety instructions for arctic lapland rally

tips to a great rally experience from team route

- Our spectator areas are easy to find and enter. We hope you enjoy the areas what we have chosen especially for you! 
- Remember to put on warm clothes and take some spare ones with you! The weather can get really cold in short time so it is good to be prepared. Take some warm drinks and some snacks with you.
- Keep you and your group in safe place and most of all - Enjoy legendary Arctic Lapland Rally and its magical atmosphere!

 Also few safety instructions are good to keep in mind

- Make a plan in advance for the places you are heading to spectate the rally. 
- Be sure you have enough time to go to the spectator area you have chosen. The special stages are closed 2 hours before first competitor. That way we can make safe rally for You and all of us who organize the special stage!
- Park your car to our spectator parks - do not leave it in the special stage area!
- Obey instructions the marshals give you and choose a safe place to watch the rally so that it isn't in the out curve or just after the jump.
- Please leave all the marks and signs where they belong.
- Do not enter private propeties or yards without permission.
- There are pauses at the competition and also faster and slower cars on the road. This means that all the competitors doesn't start the SS in one minute gap to another. It might seem that there is quiet even though the SS is still going. We ask you all to follow officials instruction, keep away from the road and in a safe place through whole the special stage!