55. Arctic lapland rally - route (draft)

55. Arctic Lapland Rally - Route Draft 9.12.2019

Itinerary - Draft 9.12.2019  

55. Arctic Lapland Rally route has got something new in it but also you might say it goes to it´s roots. Aittajärvi with quick and long straights, Kaihuavaara and Kemijärvi military area gives great frames to this years rally. Jyrhämäjärvi makes a festive comeback with some completely new parts which have never been driven in Arctic Lapland Rally. Ristilampi goes back to its legendary length 25,7km. Two days and over 200 SS km. Let´s make a quick look to the route map - welcome along!

We start on Friday from Lordi square and head to Aittajärvi. Aitta is a legend amongst spectators. This time we start from the Ranuantie end so it is driven other way around than 2019. Views are magnificent here! Next stage is a short, Mäntyvaara 3,5km in front of spectators and in daylight. The first service is in Mäntyvaara service park. Then we are off to Vanttaus and the third SS Kaihuavaara is waiting. Kaihua is also turned around from last rally and you have almost 30km to make some moves in result page. Get a good pace here and head to the second service in Vanttaus.

Finally it is time for the SS4, Jyrhämäjärvi. 33km - you can almost say - pure pleasure. Here you can see lots of spectators and almost every driver looks forward the dam part and village road. Make sure you get the most of Jyrhämä! And then the Fridays last SS5 Mäntyvaara is in front of you in night time. A big crow and the VIPvillage lifts the atmosphere to the roof. Maybe some will take little air from the jump? After Mäntyvaara you just go to a short service and then to sleep. You have a big day on Saturday!

On Saturday first competitor start from Park Ferme at 7 am and heads to Mäntyvaara for a long service. Then at 8.30 first car starts its journey to Siikakämä. The notes are the same as in 2019 rally but this time it´s driven in daylight. 43km and actually it is the longest stage in this rally. So you have to be very awake! After Siikakämä you compete last time in Mäntyvaara but for sure it won´t be easy one. This SS can be tricky with the slippery turns and many has ruin their rally here. In Mäntyvaara you do service break before afternoon stages.

Descripiton to special stages 8 to 10 are announced in Hanaa Expo 30.11. at Lahti!

10 special stages, unique atmosphere and surroundings makes Arctic Lapland Rally the best winter rally in the world! 

Team Route welcomes you to this Arctic Adventure! 

Petteri, Katriina, Janne ja Kenttis